Sandhills Etosha Pillow Cover
Sandhills Etosha Pillow Cover
Le Monde Sauvage - Taie d'oreiller carrée Sandhills Etosha
Le Monde Sauvage - Taie d'oreiller carrée Sandhills Etosha
Sandhills Etosha Pillow Cover

Sandhills Etosha Pillow Cover

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The Sandhills Etosha Pillow Cover is part of the ReSpirE linen collection, Respire (breathe in French) is a collection of sustainably produced European linens of impeccable provenance.

Inspired by the Nebraska prairies, the aptly named Sandhills collection evokes vast, wind-whipped plains, criss-crossed by lines of sun and shade like the stripes on a sheet. Le Monde Sauvage's bedlinens are central to what we do and a wonderful way to bring nature into the home.

The Sandhills collection is reminiscent of the linens of childhood, stacked high in the cupboards of a grandmother's house. Strong colours have been faded to increase their subtlety. 

The pieces of the Sandhills collection can be mixed and matched to refresh your interior with ease. Simple details give this collection its natural elegance. Sleep will come easily beneath the Sandhills duvet cover. No matter the time of year, the linen fibres allow for effective thermo-regulation.


We like to think of an interior as something that can be refreshed with ease. The Sandhills collection was created with this in mind and can be easily mixed with our earlier collections. 

 The Sandhills collection gives you the freedom to coordinate the Frilled Sandhills Cushion with the pillow cases or to mix the different colourways. This Frilled Sandhills Cushionworks perfectly with a monochrome washed linen sheet and one of our 'Cosmic' bedcovers. 

 This product is certified by Oeko-Tex and European Flax. These labels serve as a guarantee of the source of premium quality, European linen that is free from products that could be harmful to the body or to the environment.

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100% linen


3 to 8 days


Machine wash at 30°, ideally with an organic laundry liquid

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Sandhills Etosha Pillow Cover

65x65 cm

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