La consommation raisonnée pour vertu

For the past 50 years, Le Monde Sauvage has been telling a textile-led tale of travel, quality and savoir-faire. This winter we turn our attention to velvet, a fabric that has been part of our story since the very beginning and which takes centre stage this season with 84 beautifully finished pieces.

The luxury of elsewhere

Le Monde Sauvage is a tale of otherness, of far-flung cultures, singular pieces and the desire to find products that stand out. 

Criss-crossing Asia, where every region has its own unique culture and traditions, discovering unrivalled artisanal expertise, handed down from generation to generation, and seeing first-hand the materials that they use, this is the LMS way. 

Throughout its history, Le Monde Sauvage has sourced the highest quality materials and developed the long-standing relationships with the same suppliers we work with today. Continuity is the key to maintaining the quality of our products and the integrity of our supply chain.

A certain singularity

We like classicism, especially when it’s shaken up a bit. Let’s just say that conventional is not really our adjective of choice! At Le Monde Sauvage, we like to achieve a certain singularity. We undertake always to try to surprise, to use materials in an unexpected way, to step outside the boundaries of what is ‘the norm.’ Using velvet the LMS way has been a long-standing challenge. Since 2000 we have been working with a velvet that is fluid, supple and soft, and normally used for clothing. It is a silk velvet that has none of the weight of a classic velvet and reflects the light in a soft and subtle way. We also favour the artisanal weaving method used in the north of India where our natural, undyed silk comes from.

Revisiting the classics

When creating our unique LMS products, we bring timelessly classic designs into the present without paying heed to flash in the pan trends. The LMS touch is in the details: the pompoms on our cushions, the mix of materials and fibres, like the silk and velvet of our Goa bed covers or our frilled cushion covers, or the matching linings of our curtains. The real magic is in the quality of the fabrics which change subtly according to the light.

Emblematic and timeless

Endless is a calm, cocooning collection, suspended in time, that brings warmth, life and comfort to your home. Perfect for any room and every season, the bed covers are magical, the curtains luxurious and the cushions deeply comforting.
Cocooning eiderdowns, boudoir style cushions and fluid, supple curtain panels in latte, terracotta, emerald, nougat and aniseed create a unique and welcoming atmosphere. The quality of our products is unchanging and ensures that they stand the test of time.

L'univers Endless

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“What makes something noble is its ability to stand the test of time.”
Léonard de Vinci

Le Monde Sauvage - l'âge de raison

The age of reason

Like ReSpirE, our sustainable, European linen collection, the creation of Endless marks the ongoing popularity of our silk and velvet collections. 

What is the point in novelty for novelty’s sake? These signature, noble fabrics have been part of our DNA for more than 20 years. We believe in changing for the better. As the seasons evolve, we rethink and renew our colour palette. We believe in measured, sustainable consumption and, to this end, the longevity of our collections is of paramount importance. For the past 20 years, silk velvet has been a permanent feature of our catalogue in pieces such as the Istanbul curtain or the Goa bedcover. These are classics that are created to last and they will become a permanent fixture in your home.