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General terms and conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are only valid for purchases made on our website.They are not applicable to purchases made in Le Monde Sauvage stores.


1. Object

These general terms and conditions apply to the purchase of items by the Le Monde Sauvage brand sold on the following website: (hereafter “the Site” or “the Website”).

They apply to online purchases from the company EIRL Beatrice Laval, domiciled at 3 rue Paul Lafargue, 93210 La Plaine Saint-Denis, and registered with the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Paris with the registration number 721 005 320 (hereafter « Le Monde Sauvage ») and the end client - an individual acting outside their personal capacity (hereafter «the Client»).

It is strictly prohibited to sell items purchased on the Le Monde Sauvage website.

The act of making an online purchase signifies full acceptance of the current terms and conditions by the client. They can be accessed at all times on the Site and in particular at the point of confirmation of the order. These general terms and conditions constitute the only contract between the parties and take precedence over any other document.

If one of the clauses were to be found to be lacking, the object of such clause will be interpreted in accordance with the general practice for online sale by companies domiciled in France.

2. The Client

The Client of the Site must be an individual, a real person and legally able to carry out the act of purchase. The Client must, when they make their first purchase on the site, open a client account and fill in a form including certain compulsory fields in order for their order to be validated by Le Monde Sauvage.

The information that is communicated to Le Monde Sauvage when the client account is opened or at any time when a purchase is made must be full, accurate and up to date. Le Monde Sauvage reserves the right to, where necessary, request that the Client confirm - by whatever means - the information provided as regards their identity. In the context of an order, all personal information collated by Le Monde Sauvage is deemed necessary for the order to be completed and could be shared with one or all of the other parties involved in the fulfilment of the order.

3. Price, delivery costs and VAT

The prices billed to the Client are those in effect on the site at the date of the order. The prices indicated are in euros, inclusive of VAT and excluding delivery costs.

The VAT percentage amount is the amount currently applicable in France, i.e. 20%. The applicable VAT regime is that of the European Union.

For deliveries in mainland France and countries in the European Union the price will be established inclusive of VAT. Prices include VAT on the day of the order. Any change to the VAT rate will be applied to the product prices.

For purchases made where VAT does not apply, the price will automatically be calculated exclusive of VAT on the bill (VAT at 20%). Customs or other local or import taxes may be applicable. Le Monde Sauvage is not responsible for such taxes. They are to be paid by the Client and it is his responsibility to make the relevant declarations and payments to the competent authorities in the country to which the merchandise is sent.

The VAT applied to a client account is directly linked to the information entered by the client. The client is therefore responsible for the payment of any and all taxes applicable in his country of residence.

The products remain the property of Le Monde Sauvage until full payment has been made. Le Monde Sauvage reserves the right to modify their prices at any time by the act of making such a modification on the site. Such a modification will not affect orders already accepted by Le Monde Sauvage by way of email confirmation (see clause 4), where those products are still available.

For any orders to a country not referenced on the site, a mail requesting a quotation should be sent to:

4. Orders

The Client may navigate freely on the site without placing an order provided that all intellectual property rights are respected.

The order process put in place by Le Monde Sauvage must be respected and the Client must follow the steps indicated on the site in order to finalise their order.

The steps in the order process are as follows: basket, creation of or connection to client account with provision of client information, order recap, redirection to the payment platform.

At the point at which the order is confirmed, the Client must acknowledge the recap of his order. When he clicks "validate payment" on this page, he is signing the conditions of sale.

This “click” terminates the process of client authentication, of non-repudiation and authorises the protection of information contained within the messages which constitutes an electronic signature.

This electronic signature has the same value between the two parties as a signature by hand. Any order signed by the Client by 'click' constitutes his acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions which can only be contested as provided for by the clauses “Guarantee of satisfaction” and “Product availability”. Unless proven otherwise, the data saved by Le Monde Sauvage constitutes the proof of the transactions existing between Le Monde Sauvage and its Clients.

The order made by the Client is only completed upon receipt of the entirety of the amounts due and once the confirmation of the order's acceptance has been sent by mail by Le Monde Sauvage to the email address provided by the Client.

To this end, the Client formally accepts that the email address he has provided can be used for the confirmation by Le Monde Sauvage of his order. This email will summarize all of the information provided by the Client as well as the price and delivery charges for the order.

The Client is encouraged to wait for the merchandise to arrive prior to making any further, linked purchases from other suppliers.

5. Products

The products for sale are those that feature on the website of Le Monde Sauvage on the day that the Client makes a purchase and are limited to the available stocks thereof. Le Monde Sauvage reserves the right to remove products from sale at any moment. Despite all of the reasonable efforts of Le Monde Sauvage to keep its website up to date and to present and describe its products correctly, it is possible that non substantive errors may appear on the site, which the Client recognizes and accepts.

In the event that, when delivered, a product does not conform to the description made of it on the Site, the Client may exercise their right of retraction. All items are limited to the available stocks thereof. If a product is not available, Le Monde Sauvage agrees to inform the buyer as quickly as possible. Products which are not available will be reimbursed in their entirety.

Le Monde Sauvage agrees to sell its products at the price shown on the site:

In accordance with article L133-2 of the French ‘Code de la consommation’, in the event that there is a discrepancy, the contract between the seller and the client will be deemed to be in favour of the client. In the event of an error as to price, the seller will be obliged to sell the product at the price that is the most advantageous the client, i.e. the lower price.

There are however some exceptions to this rule. The client may not dishonestly benefit from an error in his favour:

• The client cannot benefit from a lower price where that price is completely different to the real price.

• The client cannot benefit from a lower price where the client is found not to be acting honestly. This would be the case if it were found that the client was aware of the error at the moment of purchase for example.

The range of products to be found on the site is not an exhaustive representation of the products sold by Le Monde Sauvage.

6. Security and payment methods 

All payments are made via Clic&Pay, an online payment solution from the bank, Crédit du Nord.

All transactions are rendered secure via the use of SSL technology. The Client’s bank details are encrypted and secured as they pass from the Client's computer to the Clic&Pay server. They are never transmitted to the website of Le Monde Sauvage.

Once the payment has been validated, the order is recorded and finalised. The Client can pay for their online order using their bank card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard).
The Client guarantees to Le Monde Sauvage that he is authorised to use his chosen payment method. In the event that, for whatever reason (card cancellation, refusal by the card issuer, expenditure in excess of daily limit), it should prove impossible to debit the card for the required sum, the order will not go through.

It is possible that Le Monde Sauvage may need to check the Client's details with the card issuer. If this were to be the case, Le Monde Sauvage will make its best efforts to minimise any delay to the order.

7. Delivery

Products are insured by Le Monde Sauvage until signed delivery. All delivery times are for indication only. 

Product delivery method will depend on the nature of the product:

• Textiles, accessories, wallpaper

Parcel delivery: delivery by post, Chronopost or other transporters including UPS, DHL or TNT.

• Heavy products such as furniture will only be delivered by appointment by transporter.

Mainland France (excluding Corsica)

Parcel delivery:
3/4 working days

Delivery by appointment by transporter: 15/20 working days in mainland France


Parcel delivery: 5/6 working days

Delivery by appointment by transporter: 3 to 4 weeks

For any country not mentioned above, a quote can be provided upon request in under 48H.

The delivery time is counted from the time when the order is confirmed.

All timings are for indication only and can vary, especially during peak periods. Le Monde Sauvage will make its best efforts to keep to the advertised time schedules.

Delivery will only take place where there is complete agreement between the Client (via the order process), the payment provider Clic&Pay (via the payment agreement) and Le Monde Sauvage who reserves the right to refuse to honour any order where there are ongoing issues regarding payment for an earlier or ongoing order.

Le Monde Sauvage is unable to deliver to PO BOX addresses.

Le Monde Sauvage cannot be held responsible for the direct or indirect consequences of an order being cancelled, a delayed delivery (for whatever reason, and in particular a postal or transport strike or other disturbance or, more generally, for events that they cannot control) or for the loss or theft of your parcel. 

Delivery times are of an indicative nature only. A delay to delivery will not give rise to payment of interest or damages or the ability to refuse delivery or to cancel the order.

Where the Client enters into a discussion with the delivery service or transporter and agrees with them that the parcel can be delivered with a neighbour, a porter or outside, the client takes full responsibility for the consequences of this decision. In such circumstances, Le Monde Sauvage cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of the parcel(s). The agreement between the Client and the transporter replaces the process of signing for the parcel in order to confirm delivery.

In the event that you are not at home when the delivery is made, Le Monde Sauvage is not responsible for the delivery, nor for the decision by the transporter to leave the parcel at a delivery centre. Complaints should be addressed to the transporter.

The Client will always be able to follow the delivery using the tracking number that will be communicated to him by mail when the parcel is dispatched.

It should be noted that if the value if your order is above a certain amount you cannot refuse to sign as proof of delivery.

The requirement for you to sign for the parcel and to show proof of identity upon delivery confirms the transfer of title to the goods to the Client.

8. Receipt of the order

Le Monde Sauvage takes great care with the packaging of orders but occasionally goods are damaged in transit.

If you wish to make a complaint as to the state of goods upon delivery:

As regards parcels (sent by post or by courrier), the clients has 24 hours to contact Le Monde Sauvage to explain the problem by mail ( with a detailed description and photographs.

The complaint will then be raised with the transporter who may request further information from the Client in order to respond to the complaint.

For goods delivered by transporter: a signature must be provided upon receipt of the order. The signature shows that the delivery was made and that the goods were not damaged.

The Client should take the time necessary to check the goods in the presence of the transporter.

9. Guarantee of satisfaction and returns

The buyer has 14 calendar days from receipt of the goods (counting from the date on the delivery receipt) to exercise his right to return them.

Should the Client wish to return the goods he must send them in perfect condition and in their original packaging to the address below at his own expense within 14 days of the notification of his wish to return them: Le Monde Sauvage, 3 rue Paul Lafargue, 93210 La Plaine Saint-Denis, FRANCE

In order to return one or more items, the Client must make a return request as follows:

1. Send a mail confirming the return of the goods to

2. The Client will rapidly receive a response to the return request.

3. Upon receipt of this mail the goods must be returned in the original packaging with the product label intact together with the Le Monde Sauvage delivery documentation.

4. Goods may be returned by taking them to the post office or by transporter. The cost of the return is at the expense of the client.

5. Upon receipt of the returned goods by Le Monde Sauvage, the Client will receive a mail confirming receipt of the goods and the reimbursement thereof.

The client may also return the order to one of the Parisian stores of Le Monde Sauvage. A mail should be sent to prior to going to the Le Monde Sauvage store.

It is possible to exchange the article(s) in store for a purchase of the same or of a higher amount or to deposit the items in store. In this latter case the reimbursement will be made within 15 days.

All transport risks and costs are the responsibility of the Client.

Reimbursements cannot be made prior to receipt of the returned items.

Le Monde Sauvage recommends returning goods via registered mail and can take no responsibility for loss of the returned item.

For countries outside the European Union, it is necessary to specify to the customs authorities that the goods are being returned for ‘non-conformity reasons.’

The reimbursement will take place by bank transfer and the initial transaction will be cancelled.

Article 10. Limitation of liability / Force majeure

At each stage of the order and delivery process, Le Monde Sauvage only has an obligation of means, not of result.

Le Monde Sauvage cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage suffered as a result of an issue with the internet, and in particular a disruption to the connection, presence of a virus or other external intrusion or anything that could be classified as force majeure. The photographs illustrating the products have no contractual value.

Le Monde Sauvage cannot be held responsible for any errors on the site including spelling or a difference in colours relating to the effect of the screen. Neither party shall be responsible for the non-execution of the contract where such non-execution occurs owing to force majeure. The party citing force majeure must inform the other party in the five days following either the event or the announcement of the event. The parties agree that they will rapidly convene a discussion to agree the way in which the contract can be honoured whilst the force majeure is ongoing. If the interruption caused by force majeure has been ongoing for in excess of one month, Le Monde Sauvage may cancel the order and in such case must reimburse the client in full.

11. Protection of personal information

Le Monde Sauvage undertakes not to share with any third party the information provided by buyers or visitors to the site. Such information is confidential and should be treated as such. They will be used by internal departments and partners uniquely in order for the order to be fulfilled and in order to personalise any correspondence (letters or mails to the Client). The Client is hereby informed of the French regulations concerning marketing communications (the law of June 21st 2014 regarding the digital economy, the freedom of information act of the 6th August 2004 and the GDPR act n° 2016-679) and has a right to request changes to his or her personal data or to object to the holding thereof. Should the Client wish to do so he should make a request in writing indicating his name, surname and email address to: Le Monde Sauvage, 3 rue Paul Lafargue, 93210 La Plaine Saint-Denis, FRANCE or by mail to: The website Le Monde Sauvage ( has been registered with the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) under the following number: 1454848

12. Intellectual property and use of the website

This site belongs to Le Monde Sauvage who is the owner of the intellectual property rights pertaining to it. It is strictly prohibited to copy or download any or part of its content. The elements that make up the Website including but not limited to the logos, trademarks, texts, photographs, images, drawings, models or paintings are all works protected by intellectual property or individual rights. The reproduction or representation, either totally or in part, of this site is prohibited unless prior, express agreement has been given by the person or company to whom the rights belong, without which such act would be deemed to be a crime sanctioned by the French ‘Code de la propriété intellectuelle’ or other relevant law.

13. Ongoing validity of these general terms and conditions

If one or more clauses of these general terms and conditions were to become or be rendered invalid, the remaining clauses will remain valid and will be construed in order to obtain the nearest possible result to that intended by the parties. In the event that one of the parties does not force the adherence by the other party to the obligations set out in these general terms and conditions this does not signify that the obligation in question would cease to exist in the future.

14. Jurisdiction

These general terms and conditions of sale are governed by French law. Only the French version of the terms and conditions can be cited in a dispute with Le Monde Sauvage.

Any and all litigation arising out of these terms and conditions will be determined by the Court of Appeal in Paris, France.