Le Monde Sauvage - Fauteuil d'angle Sossusvlei
Sossusvlei corner chair
Sossusvlei corner chair
Sossusvlei corner chair
Sossusvlei corner chair

Sossusvlei corner chair

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The Sossusvlei sofa collection is nonconformist, adaptable, and fully customisable. Its uniqueness is found in the attention paid to each detail: a signature stripe trims the edges of the cushions for a highly elegant finish.  A concept designed with you in mind, for maximum comfort throughout the whole range: from the sofa, meridian chaise, armchair, lounge chair, and ottoman, to the bench seat, divan and chaise longue. 

We will guide you as you choose from the endless variety of models, materials and colours in order to create a truly personal customised piece. All this without any change in price: each model has a corresponding price which remains the same regardless of your choice of fabric. The result: a unique one-off piece for your home. 

To help you to create your ideal sofa, our design studio is happy to provide you with a range of samples


Just like the Deià collection, the Sossusvlei sofa has been designed with you in mind. We know that each of our customers is unique - that's why we've created a sofa that is highly customisable, available in over 100 colours and in a range of styles and materials. 

There are so many things that make the Sossusvlei collection distinctive. From the stripe that trims the edges of the cushions for a meticulous finish, to the endless mixture of colours and materials, and the possibility to create your furniture using iconic LMS materials, including Highlands fabric, vintage Central Asia fabric, waffled linen, and Venezia velvet. There are no limits to your creativity.

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Choice of materials
On request
Length 96 cm
Width 96 cm
Height 65 cm
Sale price2.650,00 €