You are a decoration addict,

but once you’ve closed aside your favorite magazine,

how to adapt the precepts of the experts at home?

Here are some of our favourite personalities who have

been kind enough to share this vision of interior design.

With generosity, they indulge you with their choices,

share tips and inspiring advice.

Today we talk to

Alexandra Paoli 

Alexandra, could you introduce yourself?


As the head of a large, blended family, I am used to houses full of life, where there’s a perfect blend of comfort, warmth and aesthetics. I have always wanted to tell stories with the way I design interiors. I devoted the first fifteen years of my career using my artistic creativity working for luxury brands, but the need to return to my initial passion for interior design eventually caught up with me. At that stage it seemed a natural next step to launch Maison Particulière, three years ago, to finally give my lifelong passion for design free rein.

Your interior decorating mantra?

« Nothing great was ever accomplished without passion. » Friedrich Hegel

I personally find nothing more motivating than real passion. It’s a source of energy and inspiration that constantly drives me to create new worlds, imagine new connections and see horizons without limits.


Good taste, what’s your take?

Defining good taste, that’s a challenge! 

To me, it's more of an attitude; it's up to each person to find their own identity so as to bring things together in a way that’s unique, organic and harmonious.


If you were a room which one would you be?

Without a doubt, the kitchen. A living space all of its own, it’s a social place, somewher to share.


The top 3 things on your bucketlist?

• Follow in the footsteps of Karen Blixen and explore Africa
• Fly over Cappadocia in a hot air balloon 
• Drive through Normandy on a Triumph. I just have to get my motorbike licence first!

If you were an artist, who would you be?

I am a big fan of contemporary art and was lucky enough to work with a contemporary art auctioneer and visit auction rooms aspart of my training. To express themselves, artists invent forms and colours, communicate ideas, points of view, emotions... Even if we aren’t always conscious of it or feel like we don’t completely understand what’s going on, their works make us question who we are and how we live. This is in part the role of an interior designer: to transform and imbue a place with life, through an often emotionally charged process. 


Yeah, Peter Klasen


To respond more precisely to your question, the list is endless, but I would maybe say Peter Klasen and Pierre Soulages, because of the way they use different materials and play with light. Also Paolo Roversifor the sheer poetry of his photos.


Your dream project?

You’ll laugh at this! I could have said a restaurant or a hotel, but I would love to totally rethink and transform a hairdressing salon. I find that for the most part they tend to be very impersonal. On a more serious note, I am currently fulfilling areal dream working on a guest house, "Maison Nomade", in the magnificent region of Perche, Normandy. I had this vision of it as a little haven totally immersed in the peace and calm of the surrounding nature. It was an invitation that led me to discover the hidden treasures at Le Monde Sauvage.


For the master suite, I selected the Pieds nus rug, to match the Highlands bed linen I'm crazy about and the unbelievably soft Aodha Madagascar blanket. For the other rooms, I had fun transforming Sandhills tablecloths into curtains, mixing all kinds of cushions, the Sweet round velvet ones, the Japanese graphic silk ones, the Highlands checked ones and the Inverness linen ones; which completely transform the room and really bring it to life. 


Your current obsession?

Ceramics: Art and creation are often the result of tension or friction,a spark, a confrontation of ideas but also of materials that engage the senses.



Alexandra’s tips


How did you make the move from marketing to interior design?

I worked for over fifteen years in marketing, with some of the biggest names in luxury brands which allowed me to develop and sharpen my eye for aesthetics and sense of detail.Raised by an interior designer mother and enthusiastic about finding living spaces for large families (we moved about regularly!), it seemed only natural for me to want to tell stories through design and interiors.


What’s the hallmark of MaisonParticulière?

Influenced by my travels and my various encounters, I try to transmit a certain way of living, a sense of joie de vivre. Maison Particulière came froma genuine passion that I hope is reflected in an authentic vision of harmony, happiness and colour.

How do you make your customer’s wishes reality?

When I am designing an interior, I try to immerse myself in the life and character of my clients as well as their wishes. It’s essential to listen and understand the stories behind the people who will live in the space, all whilst still respecting the character of the space itself. I try and design interiors that correspond to the most intimate details of my client’s daily lives, both in the rational and poetic sense. I like to play with space, colour, wallpapers, furniture and objects that express their personality and push the limits of their expectations, often further than they would have imagined.


Colour, does it bring things to life?

Colour plays an essential role for me, in the same way as the effect of the materials you use. Colour expresses individuality and conveys emotion, gives expression to a space and offers so many possibilities to emphasize, accentuate and reveal the real character of your interior. Isn't it always said that life is more beautiful in colour?

At the moment I am mostly working with chalk paints that have natural pigments which give a really warm and authentic effect. I have been inspired by shades like linen, brick, earth and Havana, they’re unexpected and push me to think outside of the box.Similarly, I always give priority to the quality of materials to really elevate the final outcome.


How do you bring a sense of discovery and travel into a home?

I have always been a bit of an adventurer and I like my projects to have a hint of elsewhere. A scent, an encounter, a material can all convey emotions. I try as much as possible to inject this little extra soul into each of my projects, in order to pay tribute to craftsmen and skill from all over. This is also what attracts me to the creations of Le Monde Sauvage.


What brings a house together?

To tell a story again and again through a unique yet genuine blend of harmony, materials and colours which come together to form a whole in the image of the owners. The most beautiful place feels empty unless it is lived in and embodies the people who occupy it.


What should be highlighted and what should stay hidden?

What is important is actually to use the drawbacks of a space and to highlight its beauty so people forget the less beautiful parts.Sometimes, giving pride of place to something you thought you wanted hidden can have a miraculous effect.


Your definition of the ideal interior?

A space which resembles its inhabitants and exudes harmony and serenity without relying on cliché.


What draws you to Le Monde Sauvage ?

First of all the name! The promise of a journey filled with inspirations from different worlds, bringing all sorts of different skills and knowledge. There is also this idea of something natural, untamed, uninhibited by the traditional diktats of interior design. The inspirations drawn from all over the world, the unique and original fabrics, the mix of natural and raw materials corresponds completely to my way of decorating. I am particularly fond of the romanticism of the velvet Séraphine cushions, the silky touch of the Toile de Jouy or Éléphant géant as well as the playfulness of the ruffled linen throws. For a designer Le Monde Sauvage opens up a limitless range of possibilities. But above all, I like the simplicity of the brand, which comes in my view both from its creator as well as from everyone involved who I’ve had the chance to meet.


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