Vertebra Sienne wallpaper border


50 €


Used either to edge wallpaper or to create a break at the mid-level of a wall, the border was frequently hung to ‘finish’ a room or to add detail. We have decided to revisit the wallpaper border the Le Monde Sauvage way… Imagine the interiors of Charleston, the Bloomsbury set’s country hideaway, and mix them with the graphic patterns of our papers. The result is a range of four borders printed onto rice paper that match (or mix) with our existing wallpapers. The slightly waxy texture remains the same as our wallpapers. The pattern is screen-printed on using two colours over a neutral background: bronze dots, terracotta triangles, dark green stripes and a new, floral design in indigo inspired by Japan make up the range. 


Our creative studio wanted to encourage just that when they came up with the idea of these borders: creative thinking! Our borders can be hung vertically, joined together or with an overlap for a unique, playful finish. Do not hesitate to associate them with our wallpapers, their patterns respond and harmonize subtly. Which wallpaper models to choose to match with Sienne? Perfect with Make up, Terracotta, Diamond and Carreaux! (Sienne)

Further information

Rice paper
Delivery Expedition within 24 to 48 hours
Clean using a soft cloth
Size 9 bands of 70 cm
Le Monde Sauvage - Superfrise Vertebra Sienne
Vertebra Sienne wallpaper border



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