You are a decoration addict,
but once you’ve closed aside your favorite magazine,
how to adapt the precepts of the experts at home?

Here are some of our favourite personalities who have
been kind enough to share this vision of interior design.
With generosity, they indulge you with their choices,
share tips and inspiring advice.

Today we talk to

Vanessa Faivre


Vanessa, could you introduce yourself?

I am an an interior designer, as well as a mother of three. After business school I tried my hand at marketing, photography and painting before finally taking the leap into interior design at 28 in Sydney.When I got back from Australia in 2005 I worked for an agency and then launched my own firm when I had my first son. I have been lucky enough to build up a client network through working for friends and then word of mouth.

Your interior design golden rule ?

Draw the eye towards what is beautiful!

I always try to find beauty in a room or space, find the elements I want to highlight and focus the eye towards them.Conversely, I try to distract from any faults. I pay particular attention to light, trying to create pools of light that lends comfort and warmth to a client’s home.

Good taste, what’s your take?

For me, it’s a question of balance. Any style can be beautiful as long as it has a degree of harmony. It’s the same with colours, every colour is beautiful but you need to find that perfect match.

If you were a room which one would you be?

A child’s bedroom. I love the free rein to play with colour, wallpapers, fairy lights. I alsolike the idea that it’s a sort of cocoon of safety for children.

The top 3 things on your bucket list?

• A hot air balloon ride with my husband and children.
• A weekend of painting inMarrakech with my daughter – we both love to paint.
• To freeze time so I can play more with my children before they get too old.

If you were an artist, who would you be?

Matisse – I love everything about him : his drawings, collages, the way he uses colour.


Henri Matisse, La Tristesse du roi (1952)

Your dream project?

I’ve just finished work on a house in the 9th arrondissement of Paris which had very unusual proportions. It was a real challenge to conserve the authentic charm of the space, whilst making it family friendly. I reconfigured the entire layout to create a warm, family-orientated space.

Your current obsession?

Create worlds that could be straight out of pop art, full of complimentary colours which really bring things to life!


Colour, the deciding factor?

Definitely, colour transforms spaces, sets a certain tone! I love spaces which are warm and eclectic, not too masculine or too feminine, where there’s a mix of colours and fabrics. I try to find a balance between more muted tones and brighter more contrasting ones. My advice? Try not to get swept away by every new trend.


Patterned or plain?

Patterned, without a doubt; I like experimenting with size and colour, graphics and florals, small and large scale shapes. 

A favourite material?

I have a passion for fabrics, especially handmade ones as well as rugs from all sorts of places – for example I am particularly fond of the Le MondeSauvage’s Moldovian rug collection. I also like linen, the hushed tones of LeMonde Sauvage’s fabrics have a real lightness to them.


In the round

I use round shapes occasionally in my interiors, but sparingly. I find adding curves to the edges of bespoke frames or carpentry gives spaces a more welcoming feel.

Let there be light!

Light is always one of my main interests when I am discovering a new space. I try to amplify it in every way possible: opening up partition walls, skylights, mirrors…

Paint vs. Wallpaper

Wallpaper! It can almost single-handedly decorate a room, outshiningeverything else.


Toning it down to create a bigger effect

In children’s rooms, I often like to use quilted throws as curtains. They work well as a blackout and also bring instant warmth to the room.

Your hallmark?

Green! I like every single shade. I also use a lot of mirrors to play with perspectives and increase the light in a space.


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