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Le voyage intérieur



With Sophie and LMS, the connection was immediate. It all started when we collaborated on her most recent project, a boudoir-style room to get away from it all in style.



Sophie, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Sophie Igras. I’m 44 and I live in Lyon with my two daughters, Daphné (15) and Garance (5) and my husband. 

I’m passionate about interior decoration and had a career change after 20 years in the medical sector when I created my own design studio, ‘Le Voyage intérieur.’Thanks to my Instagram account I am also something of an interiors influencer.


Your decorating mantra?

Conversation! It’s so important to take the time to really get to know your clients. The initial meetings are the best way to really understand what they want so as to be able to create the perfect interior, a place where they can feel at peace.


What do you think of the concept of good taste?

For me it’s a sort of understated elegance and refinement. It’s a way of being and of living, a state of mind if you like. I like interiors that are pared back and where the materials are of excellent quality. The French version of good taste! To me, LeMonde Sauvage is elegance incarnate.


If you could be a room in the house?

My bedroom! I love the cosy atmosphere:dark colours on the walls, low lighting, beautiful bed linen and lots of throws, cushions and wonderful, soft curtains. I really need to the bedroom to be different to the rest of the house.


The top 3 things on your bucket list

  • To travel
    I love interior design and I love to travel, hence the name «Le Voyage intérieur.» For me, one cannot exist without the other. When we travel, we become more open which is a quality you really need in interior design so that you can be alive to myriad styles, customs, stories and colours. Also, hotels really make me dream and are a huge source of inspiration.
  • To make the most out of life
    It’s vital that we make the most out of every opportunity that life provides! Sharing moments around the table – beautifully laid of course - travelling, even for a short period of time, staying in a beautiful hotel or eating in a wonderful restaurant.
  • Build a business and encourage others
    I changed the course of my professional life at 40 and have no regrets! Now I love to spend time helping other young interior designers as they set out on their career. My main advice is not to be afraid, to have confidence in yourself and to ‘just do it.’

If you were an artist?

A painter. One of my next projects is to learn how to draw. I really admire people who possess the gift of being able to transmit an idea or a story through drawing. And it’s also a great way to take time for oneself.


Your dream project?

To renovate a beautiful old house in the middle of an olive grove in Provence for my family.



Your current obsession?

Dusky pink! I’ve recently become obsessed with it and I want to use it wherever I can. It has plenty of character together with a certain sobriety. It’s unusual and refined and works perfectly if you are aiming for something elegant yet soft and intimate. And it matches perfectly with grey, mustard and green.


Your under taking for a better world?

Both in my profession and as a mother, it’s important for me to continue to do what I love whilst remaining attentive to the needs and evolutions of a changing society. And on a more basic level, to continue to use products that are sustainable and made from recyclable materials.


Sophie’s tips

« Travel is my home. »

    Where do you get your inspiration?

    I created my Instagram account to focus on my passion for interior decoration. I wanted to be able to converse with my followers and to meet new people. I spend a huge amount of time doing research for my account: themes, styles, trends, DIY, tips, interior designersI admire…. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and on Instagram, reading books and magazines, or at interior shows like Maison & Objet. And I really enjoy meeting local businesses or artists who are just starting out. Inspiration is everywhere and I aim to be a bit of a decorating bible.


      Bright, dark or a mix of the two?

      I definitely have a predilection for darker shades, low lighting, floaty curtains, candles and firelight.

      A touch of vintage

      In Lyon we are very lucky to have the antique market by the canal. I hunt out antique finds to give character to a more modern backdrop – furniture, an armchair, a mirror, a bigg lass jar or a selection of old bottles for example. If you get the mix between old and new right, it’s the best way to create something interesting that you won’t tire of. So for example I bought a little desk with a vintage chair for my five year old daughter. It adds a wonderful decorative touch to her room.


      Du goût et des couleurs

      For me, colour is an absolute priority in interior design. It can change the atmosphere and the style and can create a sense of harmony. I particularly like English style. I feel like they dare to try things where the French might stick to something safer and more classical.I love dark green, earthy pinks, grey-blues, mustard, gold, bronze and black. I often suggest that clients paint the walls and the ceiling of a room the same colour for a ‘jewellery box’ effect. It’s important to take risks in interior design, especially if you are working with a professional who can help you to achieve the right result.


      How do you add character to a bland environment?

      By adding colour of course! On the walls and on the ceiling and here and there with accessories like cushions, rugs, curtains and lights.


      Revisit the basics

      Today there really are so many ways to brighten up your decor, whether you have a tiny or a size able budget. For example, you can revive a tired interior by breathing new life into old objects.I use my Instagram account to share DIY tips for things like hanging baskets, big jars as vases or wooden pallets to create an outdoor bench for the summer.

      Pattern perfection

      Pattern is one of the best ways to create an interior that stands out! Whether you choose a riot of print, colour, flowers, animals or geometric shapes, pattern is the quickest way to brighten up a room. And whilst mixing patterns can sometimes seem quite a challenge, the results can be spectacular when you get it right.


        Your top decorating tips?

      • Wallpapering the back wall of a niche is a glorious way to enliven a wall. 
      • Use bench sitting in the corner of a kitchen or dining room for cosy lunches or suppers. 
      • Glazed walls or screens are a wonderful way to separate a space without adding a solid wall that might otherwise make a room feel smaller and darker. 
      • Invest in new generation, patterned tiles. There is such a wide variety to choose from and the results are incredibly eye catching.

      • Paint beams white for a bright, rustic chic look.
      • Built-in, bespoke furniture is a very efficient way to create different areas in a room, maximise available space and create a high-end finish.


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