You are a decoration addict,

but once you’ve closed aside your favorite magazine,

how to adapt the precepts of the experts at home?

Here are some of our favourite personalities who have

been kind enough to share this vision of interior design.

With generosity, they indulge you with their choices,

share tips and inspiring advice.

Today we talk to 

Charlotte Féquet


Charlotte, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Charlotte, I’m 34 and the happy mummy of a little girl and in a few weeks of a little boy too :) 

I live in the south of France near les Baux-de-Provence, but my working life is mostly inParis where I set up my agency 5 years ago. We mainly renovate appartments for individuals. We are particularly focused on the classic aesthetic and ornamental details.

Your interior design mantra?

There’s an artist in every child. The problem is how to keep the artist alive as you grow older.


What do you think of the concept of good taste?

It’s very subjective! It’s conditioned by our values, our instincts, our past, our culture… For me, good taste is about feeling an emotion when you look at something creative (in whatever form that may be).


If you were a room in the house?

A bedroom: it’s the one room in the house where you can easily create something lovely and cosy with very little.

The top 3 things on your bucket list

• To invest in a natural reserve

• To renovate houses allover the world

• To travel and discover the world, quite simply :)

If you were an artist?

That’s a very tricky question. I am a huge fan ofPablo Picasso, in particular his blue period and his ceramics. But I’m also completely fascinated by Gustav Klimt’s works with their subtle mix of warm, languorous curves and precious details.


Your dream project?

To do a hotel! 
(And to go to Egypt!)


Your current obsession?

Building my lovely house ;)




Charlotte’s tips

The architectural movements that inspire you?

I love the very sophisticated, ornamental aspects of Art déco and Art nouveau.

Colour and pattern

In Art déco, despite the use of multiple lines, there is a sort of honesty and moderation. It’s chic without overdoing anything. Conversely, Art nouveau is all about roundness, curves and pattern. I love the fact that as a movement it takes so much inspiration from nature. For me it’s almost « vital », insofar as it seems to connect art to nature.



Get in shape

I’m very inspired by curves and their ability to make everything softer, kinder. Even if only visually, a curve rather than a right angle makes a space feel more delicate and refined. We use cuvrves in our made-to-measure furniture –cupboards, sink units, screens, desks and glass wall or window frames.


How do you separate spaces?

I like to think of walls like screens, at least visually. I use this idea a lot in our projects, replacing walls with screens or interior, glass partitions. It’s also a good way to give a space unique character.


Furniture or built-in cupboards?

Both! Made-to-measure cupboards can be very functional as they are often wall to wall and really make the best use of the available space. But mixing them with vintage furniture is what gives a space character and prevents a room from looking too cold.


Are you tempted to create your own limited-edition designs?

That is exactly what I’m thinking about at the moment! Ever since I created my agency five years ago (already!) I’ve wanted to do some of our own pieces but now I’m really trying to focus on it. I’d like to launch a collection of furniture, lamps and accessories. Watch this space!


The devil is in the detail

In my projects, I always try to create patterns that are inspired by the place, the entrance of the building, even the clients. The motif on a piece of balustrading for example can be a source of inspiration for a glass partition wall.


Do you find it hard to create something unique in this trend-led era?

It’s not that easy but I wouldn’t say it’s impossible either. You have to observe, find inspiration without (ever) copying and also always ask yourself why something evokes an emotion. Then you can go deeper and try to transform that feeling into something else.


Your signature (obsession)?

A pattern on a screen, a glass partition or a piece of furniture. Curved of course ;)