Le passé réinventé

In the beginning there were unique objects, pieces of furniture, one-off decorative accessories and ceramics. Le Monde Sauvage’s story began with artisanally made, beautiful yet useful objects and singular pieces which still define the brand’s DNA.

Back to our roots

Sometimes you need to remember where you started to be able to find a new path: The guiding principle behind this new collection is not to overwrite history but rather to take inspiration from what has gone before. This season we will be launching a collection of singular, hand-crafted pieces: artisanal ceramics, handmade hooks and wall lights, vintage furniture and one-off mirrors. Taking inspiration from traditional artisanal techniques, our creative studio has placed their own unique spin on the product range, renewing our cultural heritage for a new era. We have worked with simple materials with a raw feel such as sandstone, clay, natural pigments, linen, paper and silk. Foliage, marbling, clouds and shadows conjure up a countryside dreamland where organic, soft contours evoke the beauty of nature.

New territories

Our textile range continues to grow with a collection of new colours to complete the existing palette. We continue to hold our course rather than running blindly after trends and novelty. Our ambition, as ever, is to maintain a thoughtful offering of limited-edition pieces, thereby reducing waste, avoiding over-production and uniformity. Our philosophy remains unchanged and our desire to reveal surprising, unique details still drives everything that we do. Our iconic, waffled throws and Japanese cushions have been revisited with new detailing. Bright bands of colour enliven a softer shade whilst classic stripes are renewed with contemporary graphics or a floral motif inspired by a wallpaper from Béatrice’s childhood home. Something old, something new…

« The present is built from an accumulation of things from the past. »
Haruki Murakami