It’s also them the LMS community. By selecting our collections and appropriating them, our resellers offer another face to the brand, one that looks like them. In France, Europe and internationally up to Australia, their trust is precious to us and their growth honors us. This section is dedicated to them.


Today the floor is to 

Noë Maison


Our story

In 2016 we chanced upon a retail pace that had been empty for some time and that gave us the opportunity to diversify our business (until that point we had been focused solely on fashion).It was small but ideally positioned and we knew at once that it could be the perfect spot to develop our penchant for beautiful textiles, unusual objects, ceramics, rugs and lights. We love anything that brightens up our clients’ lives and creates a sense of joy. Mickaël joined the Noë team for this project that very naturally we decided to call ‘Noë Maison’. The success of this little store gave us the courage to try something bigger. We took on a 15th century, three storey house in the heart of the old town of Vannes which we have filled with even more colour and more marvellous surprises! Sterenn and Sidoris came on board with Mickaël and the trio are on-hand to advise our clients.


Noë & LMS

When I was a teenager, I was a fan of textiles and colours. I loved to go to the Le Monde Sauvage store in LesHalles in Paris. I think that the velvets, the lights and the subtle colours offar-flung lands really awakened my love of textiles. When we opened our bigger Noë Maison store it was obvious to me that Le Monde Sauvage had to be a part of it.

Decorating tips inspired by Le Monde Sauvage

  • Use the wallpapers to give character to an uneven wall. From imperfect to perfect in one simple step.

  • No more dark corners: the Joséphine lamp brings a gleam to a forgotten wall or gloomy corridor.

  • The silk velvets are divinely soft and make the ‘Goa by night’ quilts the most beautiful bedfellows.


Discover Vannes 

Your favourite restaurant

Le Châtelet, 27 rue des Halles– @lechateletvannes
We adore eating here for a chance to hear Gwendal’s joyous laugh and the care she puts into making every meal special.


A must-see

Musée de La Cohue, 15 place Saint-Pierre – @villedevannes

When life feels too much and fatigue gets the better of you, we recommend a dip into the deep blues of French artist Geneviève Asse. Her abstract works are on display at the Musée de La Cohue just a couple of steps from our store. It’s as if the sky suddenly lifted!


Your secret place

Noë boutique, 8 impasse du Château-de-la-Motte– @boutiquenoevannes

My secret place is our clothing store! Situated in a quiet side street, you have to hunt for it but once you are there, you’ll be delighted you made the trip. We stock designs by our own label Gallego-Desportes together with clothes and accessories by Boboutic, Pomandère, Sœur, An An Londree, Antoni & Alison and more. Beautiful clothes with a pop of colour to put you in a good mood!


To get away from it all

L’Antidote, 5 rue de Brizeux – @antidote.vannes

If you need a change of scenery, I recommend either taking the boat out into the golfe du Morbihan or sipping on a glass of natural wine in the shaded courtyard of l’Antidote. Whether travel or grape induced, the feeling of joy will be the same!



By Virginie Gallego