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A touch of magic...

How to rethink your interior during lockdown

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Our habits have completely changed, as have our needs and desires. Everything seems stronger, more immediate. We need to adapt everything, get used to a new routine. Our homes become a place to experiment as the way we live and our perception of the world evolve. The home is fast becoming full of new frontiers.

To avoid living on top of one another, we need to rethink the way we use our space and redefine the function of each room. Alternating activities that can be carried out together as a family and moments of calm is essential. As is creating a space for each member of the family, including for the adults. 

Our habits are changing fast and what used to be unthinkable is no longer the end of the world. Children playing in the grown up's sitting room for example as their bedrooms become their quiet place or even their classroom.

Here are my tips to add a touch of magic to the everyday

The living room: a place to come together

  • The games room: move the rug to the centre and surround the coffee table with cushions for playing cards and board games.
  • Home cinema: curtains closed, soft throws aplenty, homemade pop corn. And action!
  • A night at the theatre: proper charades requires accessories, sets and costumes!
  • Missing restaurants? A beautiful tablecloth, candles, flowers...
  • Nightclub: Saturday night is party night!

scrabble et confinement

The bedroom: No longer reserved for night-time only.

  • A place to read: bring in an armchair or pile up quilts and cushions for a place to hide under a throw with a good book.
  • A refuge: a place to hide away, spend some quiet time or have a moment to yourself for yoga, meditation or writing.

Children's rooms: anything goes (almost...)

  • The playroom: they can rethink their bedroom as they wish, move the furniture, stick big sheets of paper all over the walls for drawing on... 
  • A den: cover bunk beds with a throw or a curtain or create a simple separation between two beds (or two fighting children) with a piece of hardboard covered in wallpaper. 
  • Move around the house: Pyjama party in my room tonight!

A place to work: time to get organized!

Working from home and home schooling have forced us to find spaces to study that work for everyone. 

  • The dining room table is the new co-working space. Need a change? Lunch is in the kitchen! 
  • Use the entrance or the living room to create an office space. Two well-positioned shelves covered with beautiful wallpaper and you're done! 
  • In the children's room, try painting part of the wall or covering it in wallpaper to mark off the 'schoolroom'.