What to do when you are mad about interior designand 

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A lesson in interior style: 

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We turn to the interior designers who we particularly admire 
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Style advice, design tips and decorating wisdom.

Today we talk to  


Charlotte Cadé

Charlotte, tell us who you are?

I often introduce myself by saying I am the co-founder of Selency which is a bad habit as you end up reducing who you are to something uniquely professional. So, apart from that I would say that I am a 32 year old new mother. I am overjoyed with this new phase of my life, with my family, and my passion for interior decoration that I try to make as human and sustainable as possible. And I also love being an entrepreneur, with all that that entails – the mad projects and the passionate people!


Do you love interiors or being an entrepreneur the most?

Chronologically speaking I would say interiors first and then being an entrepreneur.

What is your decorating mantra?

Observe first so that you understand before taking a risk. It’s the same in business actually!

What do you think of the concept of good taste?

It’s so personal, I don’t think there is such a thing as universal good taste. And taste evolves as we meet people and discover things and journey through life. 

It’s something that shifts and inspires, both oneself and others.


If you could be a piece of vintage furniture what would you be? 

A wicker armchair. 

I love them because they are cosy, long-lasting and work at any time of the year. 

And they have a natural look that I love.




What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?

  • To go on a big journey with my family on another continent

  • To create a game to share moments of truth and joy with those I am closest to

  • To go to the New Orleans carnival


    Your current obsession?

    To spend us much time as possible with my daughter who is growing up so fast already.


    Charlotte’s decorating tips

            How did you tackle doing up your new apartment?

            I followed my instinct and let things take the time they take, including living in the flat before doing it up so as to make the right choices.



            How do you bring your green ethos into your decorating? 

            Is everything in your flat vintage?

            95% yes

            Do you have throws or cushions on your sofa?

            Both. A throw to relax on the sofa in the evening and cushions to give it a bit of life and make it feel softer. I have eight cushions on my sofa of every size, shape and colour. I put the biggest to the back and the smallest to the front, like in a class photograph at school!


            What are your colour codes?

            I love white because it makes everything look fresh and you can do anything with it. As I change my interior quite a lot I prefer to have white walls (or cream) and to add colour through the textiles I choose (so throws, cushions, rugs and armchairs) and also through what I put on the walls.

            Wallpaper everywhere or just here and there?

            I try to avoid going over the top with wallpaper and prefer instead to use it only in a few places. But when I do use it I go for it 100% ! So my loo is totally wallpapered for example. I even painted the ceiling and the door to match the wallpaper.

            Light on !

            I prefer to have multiple light sources and to avoid any direct lights which I find much too harsh. In an ideal world I would like all my lights to be on dimmer switches so that I could vary the intensity according to the time of day. And you always need to use warm or semi-warm bulbs of course.

            Why did you choose to do a collaboration with Le Monde Sauvage ?

            Firstly, because I have always loved the brand. I love how real it is. And we have many of the same values at Selency. I love the way that everything feels gentle and reassuring and alive. Beyond that I would say that a partnerhsip between two brands is a very human thing and I loved meeting Béatrice and the Le Monde Sauvage team. That made working on the project together so much easier.




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