Quilt Goa by night Taupe - Le Monde Sauvage
Quilt Goa by night Taupe - Le Monde Sauvage

Goa by night quilt in Taupe

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The Goa by night quilt is part of the Endless silk velvet collection. 

Endless is a calm, cocooning collection, suspended in time, that brings warmth, life and comfort to your home. The deeply comforting Goa by night quilt will quickly find its place in your room. Soft and supple, the quilt is made from a fluid, sensual velvet normally found in clothing which we have been using since 2000. A silk-based velvet, the colours are unique and subtle, quite the opposite of traditional, heavier upholstery velvets. We also favour the artisanal weaving method used in the creation of our natural, undyed silks.

The LMS touch is in the details: the mix of materials and fibres, like the silk and velvet of this bed cover, and the magic of the fabrics which change subtly according to the light.

Le Monde Sauvage is a tale of otherness, of far-flung cultures, singular pieces and the desire to find products that stand out. Criss-crossing Asia, where every region has its own unique culture and traditions, discovering unrivalled artisanal expertise, handed down from generation to generation, and seeing first-hand the materials that they use, this is the LMS way. Throughout its history, Le Monde Sauvage has sourced the highest quality materials and developed the long- standing relationships with the same suppliers we work with today. Continuity is the key to maintaining the quality of our products and the integrity of our supply chain.

This silk velvet bedcover is double-sided so you can choose to place either the silk velvet or the natural silk side upwards. The double square stitching adds a modern and elegant touch.

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Goa by night quilt in Taupe

150x250 cm

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