This season we are looking across the Channel for inspiration. Our latest collection takes its cue from British eccentricity – unexpected combinations, plenty of colour, a sense of joy and freedom and a healthy dose of cheek. Fans of the Bloomsbury set need look no further!

Nature in art and hand-finished objects

We sought inspiration in the homes of the Bloomsbury set, a group of iconoclastic artists, writers and intellectuals working (and playing) at the start of 20th century. Their most famous member was no doubt one Virginia Woolf. As they settled in the countryside, away from the squares of Bloomsbury in central London that gave the group its name, they began to celebrate the art of craftsmanship in multiple forms. Nature was central to their artistic themes, so we have incorporated rounded shapes and decorative motifs that recall clouds, animals and floral elements. Discover our cloud shaped lights, animal-bedecked silk cushions.

Eccentric chic

Do you prefer your home to be a well-coordinated safety blanket or a risqué riot of pattern and colour? Le Monde Sauvage has never been synonymous with mainstream trends and this season is no exception. Our new velvet and mohair ranges feel both classically elegant and mildly eccentric. Shades of khaki and brown are reminiscent of the English countryside, punctuated with dashes of bright colour and floral motifs including mimosa, almond and apricot blossoms. A hint of english folly is all you need to give free rein to your flights of fancy. Conformity and convention, be gone!

Larger than life

The Minzu rug is a hand-knotted, natural wool masterpiece. Numbered and limited edition in hand-woven natural wool, its rustic sophistication will render your interior entirely unique. We also love the Grand écran sofa: brand new and super-sized, its generous depth makes it the perfect place to (all) curl up for a family movie night. The larger model can also double as a bed. And as with all of the sofas in our range, it can be upholstered in the fabric of your choice. It is available in two shapes, seven widths and more than 100 fabrics.

La maison devrait être le coffre au trésor de la vie.

Le Corbusier