Le Monde Sauvage - Fauteuil d'angle Deià
Deia corner chair
Deia corner chair
Deia corner chair
Deia corner chair

Deia corner chair

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The Deià bench sofa is adaptable, comfortable and welcoming. It has been designed so that you can sleep on it, sit on the armrests when the living room is crowded, and curl up on it for a nap 

The Deià bench sofa is highly customisable. You can design it according to your tastes without any change in price.

To help you to create your ideal sofa, our design studio is happy to provide you with a range of samples.

Delivery time: 12 weeks.


The Deià collection has been designed to suit the unique tastes of each of our customers. Highly customisable, it is available in over 100 colours and in a variety of different forms (including as a sofa, armchair, meridian chaise, and bench seat) and materials (including linen, cotton, and polyester). 

There are so many things that make the Deià collection distinctive. From the endless mixture of colours and materials, to the possibility of creating your furniture using iconic LMS fabrics, including Highlands material, vintage Central Asia material, waffled linen, and Venezia velvet. There are no limits to your creativity.

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Choice of materials
On request
Length 96 cm
Width 96 cm
Height 65 cm

Sale price2.500,00 €